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5G Technology: Get Sky-Scrapping Productivity in Your Business

We all know that wireless communication technology has become increasingly important over time. Why? The reason behind it is quite simple. This wireless technology supports increased access to information on the go. Moreover, it also encourages improvements in business, education, and technology globally.

In short, improvement in mobile communications = improvement in connections among people. Today, we all are living in a tech-driven world and the next generation of telecommunication networks, 5G have started kicking the newest market worldwide and will keep on expanding internationally.

So, if you want to know more about 5G technology, then you are in the right place. This blog speaks about all the key facts about 5G. Let us check out one by one.

What is 5G Network?

5G network is a step forward. It is the next-generation of the cellular network that will sooner or later replace or bump up your 4G LTE connections. Beyond fast speed, it is projected that 5G will give free rein to a huge IoT ecosystem where networks can fulfill the communication needs of billions of allied devices, using the precise trade-offs among speed, latency, and expenditure.

5G is an avant-garde network that is designed to unite practically everyone and everything mutually incorporating machines, objects, and devices. With 5G, you will observe exponentially faster download and upload speeds and significantly decreased latency. As per the study, due to this reason, 66% of businesses plan to deploy 5G by 2020.

Advantages of 5G Network

·         5G networks offer improved accessibility that ultimately makes life better. For example, connected appliances can help automate the tasks around the house. It can not only improve personal convenience but also help people who need assistance with daily tasks.

·         5G has the potential to extend the reach of mobile broadband aka mobile data in the native language, which can make significant improvements in 3D holograms, VR, AR, and create opportunities to connect people far beyond what current cellular technology allows.

How 5G is better?

5G technology is driven by eight design requirements.

·         1000x bandwidth/unit area

·         Up to 10Gbps data rate

·         Up to ten-year battery life for low power IoT device

·         Up to 100x number of connected devices/unit area

·         99.99% availability

·         100% exposure

·         One-millisecond latency

·         90% cutback in network energy usage

The most 3 important features in 5G are as follows.

1)    Huge Bandwidth

5G will offer a wireless large pipe that is more than enough to seamlessly transfer any amount of data.

2)    High Density

5G can connect everything that you intend to do with homes, cars, wearables, and industrial devices.

3)    Low Latency

5G has the potential to react speedily when asked to transfer data back and forth.

What Makes the 5G Network Special?

5G network will unleash experiences of the future such as AR, VR, automated cars, and connected buildings in smart cities. Few characteristics make the 5G network special.

1)    Massive Device Connectivity

It is expected that by the end of 2020, 5G will help handle and manage the massive IoT explosion. Around 30+ billion devices will be connected to the 5G network globally.

2)    Ultra-Reliability

This 5G network is useful for industries that use robotics, healthcare, and manufacturing. They can depend on this technology.

3)    Ultra-low Latency

Latency means the total amount of time that passes between when a user tell technology to do something and when a technology actually does it. The 5G network offers ultra-low latency and the industry expectation for 5G latency is less than five milliseconds.

4)    Improved Capacity and Coverage

This 5G technology offers more connection points in a smaller area along with small cells and an unlicensed spectrum. In short, improved capacity = better customer experience.

How 5G will Improve Business ROI?

5G technology can help businesses increase efficiency, production, innovative breakthrough, and reduce costs. Unluckily, as per the study, only 28% of businesses understand 5G and the practical assumptions for businesses it could offer. If you want to reap the benefits of 5G then you must have the budget for the investment, appropriate plan ready for the new wave of automation and AI, proper big data analytics tools, and 5G strategies. You and your employees need to understand what 5G is and how it can support business goals.

In short, whether your business will observe the impact of 5G in 1 or 5 years, it is near-term. So, you must get ready for the technology today in order to achieve the performance improvements the technology offers.

Is 5G Obtainable Now?

Yes, 5G is already accessible these days. International operators have started launching new 5G networks near the beginning of 2019 but still it is not available for consumers. It is being forecasted that 5G networks will be available on a national scale in many countries by the end of 2020. Android phone manufacturers are advancing their manufacturing capabilities with 5G compatible phones. And in next to no time, even more populace may be able to access 5G.

What does a 5g tower look like?

The 5G tower’s appearance (look like) is no more different than the towers of 4G and 3G Technology. The height of tower can range from 45 feet to 60 feet, depends on the surroundings. Tower can be made up of Aluminum and Iron, etc. Building having higher rooftop than 45 feet can also be as 5G tower because it meets the need of altitude or elevation required otherwise it can cause network latency. The part which is special in this tower is that it has unique antennas which has size of 2 feet in height. These antennas control the frequency rates and are equipped with all the electronics that are responsible for transmission of signals.

5g technology, 5g technology benefits, 5 g technology advantages, 5g Towers, what does a 5g tower look like?

Now it’s Your Turn…

What are your thoughts on 5G technologies? If you feel we forgot something to mention about 5G technology and network or if you want to ask something about it, then connect with us by sharing your views in a comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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